From our gathering this morning at The Well:


Father, you tell us in your Word

that whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.

We confess that we have frequently relaxed our faith.

We have allowed ourselves to become cynical,

and our cynicism has boiled over

with slander, criticism, prayerlessness, and pessimism.

How easily we’ve allowed ourselves

to crumple under the stresses of our lives.

Forgive us for our smallness of faith.

In your mercy, hear us,

for Jesus’ sake. Amen.




Hear these comforting words:

If you repent and believe in God’s redeeming mercy,

your sins are forgiven.

Trust in God’s promises and begin anew your life

with God and all people

in the name of Jesus Christ.



Thanks be to God!

  • Iduehe Udom

    Nice composition, sounds very poetic…. I love how the lines go…. University of Nigeria