2009 Ecclesia National Gathering

2009 Ecclesia National Gathering

Most of you who regularly read my blog know that my church, The Well, is part of the Ecclesia Network. This network started from a small gathering of pastors that met in rural West Virginia starting in 2001. Those were great times of questions and learning as a bunch of us were trying to rediscover a way of thinking about faith, church, theology, etc. Since those days, we’ve grown a lot and met a bunch of other pastors who were working through similar questions. We formalized our friendship about a year and a half ago under the name The Ecclesia Network.


Anyways, its a great group of people and I’m honored to be a part of it. It’s been so helpful for a church like ours to have a connection to the global body of Christ in such a relational and helpful way.

Coming in March 2009 we have our second national gathering. Last year we had Alan Hirsch and David Fitch as our main speakers and this year we have a stellar line up of Darrell Guder (my secret crush), Eddie Gibbs, Mike Breen & Jon Tyson. These are some great thinkers and practitioners.

Of course, while those speaking are always helpful, the best parts of the week are usually the conversations and relationships that develop and deepen.

You might consider joining us….