I’ve been trying to read some more international blogs and came across one called “Sherman on the Mount” – he’s from Malaysia.

he started a new little series of posts on “Ordering Faith”

here is an excerpt.

At the most apparent dimension, it seems that the Protestant Church is aggressively engaged in mission without truly knowing what the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ is. She engages incessantly in evangelistic activity and multiplies churches without truly understanding what it means to be the Church in the world. And still, for decades and centuries, these frantic activities persist.

One of the immediate results of this reality is the existence of countless Christians today who think that “being Christian” means regularly attending the local church worship services every Sunday, attending cellgroup meetings and prayer meetings unceasingly, serving in at least one or two ministries in the local church, maybe participating in two or three “mission trips” each year, tithing their incomes, reading at least a chapter of the bible and praying for at least fifteen minutes each day. And amidst the momentum of this journey, many still find themselves searching for a missing piece of the mysterious puzzle.

go on over and read. i think it will be worth your time…