Five years ago yesterday when i married my wife Melanie, I didn’t really know what i was getting into. I didn’t know (or completly realize):

– That i was marring the most selfless person in the world (though, i had some clues)

– That i was marrying the most caring mother in the world. I have never seen someone love a child so selflessly. As I told her when we married, i cannot think of anyone i would rather raise children with. (btw, that does not mean that my mother and mother in law are not this way too…if you guys read this, you are great too 🙂

– That i was marrying someone who was going to challange me more than anyone before to integrity and Godliness in such powerful ways.

– That i was marrying someone who i was going to drive crazy by my annoying habits!

– That i was marrying someone who was so much fun to be poor with! 🙂

– That I could love her as much as i do now….