Here are some internet gems that I found while catch up on my blog reading. I hope you find some of them helpful.

  • I’m not in the know, but this seems like good news to those who are concerned about the Invisible Children in Uganda.
  • This seems like a great resource for people who are webmasters or bloggers who care about the ranking of their website in google.
  • Guy Kawasaki on things i wish i knew before i graduated from college. Very interesting stuff and worth a few minutes of your time especially if you lead teams.
  • David Congdon wrote a very well written reflection on my sermon last week He’ll be doing the same for upcoming sermons. You can get the RSS feed here
  • The Gospel and Our Culture Network finally revamped their website with a lot of articles online. I really like GOCN and am excited about all the resources this opens up. Their old site had some articles on it, but they were impossible to find.
  • Andrew Hamilton has a great post on age diversity in churches that are generally younger. I echo his thoughts almost exactly.