mason carlos

Today our celebrates his one month birthday. It is still strange to know that the little boy in this picture will grow up in our home and call me daddy and call my wife mommy. (Unless he is like
Cole and decides we must be called “dad” and “mom”). We know that he is in a very loving foster family that loves Jesus. Last week we sent down a cute little pair of pajamas, a little stuffed animal and a CD that we’ll play for him when we bring him home to make him a little more comfortable and have some kind of feeling of “home.”

The process in Guatemala has started. We officially have released power of attorney to a woman down there who is going to the courts on our behalf. We’re still hoping for April or May but know that it could be a little longer if something were to hit any kind of snag. He has some doctor appointments this week so we should hopefully get some more pictures soon.

Thanks for praying for our little boy.