Yamaha xs400

This is my “new” 1979 Yamaha xs400.

Its not going to win any races or awards but it runs great, has 10,000 miles and they notoriously run forever. Now i have to learn how to maintain it. Time to get my hands all greasy.

  • Yes, I will wear my helmet every time I ride.
  • Yes, I am taking the free motorcycle safety course.
  • No, I won’t do any wheelies. (It won’t!)
  • No, its not that fast. Top speed is about 70 at the most.
  • No, I won’t take it on the highway at all.
  • Yes, my wonderful wife actually gave me permission to get this.

Oh, and insurance on this bad boy is a whopping $45/year.

Now we are going on vacation and I have to let it sit for a week before I ride it again.  That’s bad timing.

The only thing that is not working out so well is that my landlord, who owns two beautiful Harley’s, told me I could store a bike in his garage if I got one.  Then he saw I bought a Yamaha and he (half-jokingly) said that I couldn’t put that crap in his garage. Then I asked him if he wanted to ride it and he said, “uh…no.” Well, he was kind enough to let me keep it in there.  I just hope his biker buddies don’t cut my electrical wires when I am sleeping one night…

When I was in high school everyone called me, “Hot Rod.” No, seriously.  Everyone.  My name wasn’t Todd the last two years of high school.  I am not really sure how I got it but as a friend just told me, “It’s time to grow into your nickname.”

Yes. It’s about time.