In my sermon today, to give context to our passage, I went through a very brief, and simplified history of Isreal (story of the bible) through the time of Jesus…
Here it is:

1. God creates the world
2. Man’s sin brings the world away from its original intent
3. God promises that Israel, through Abraham, in the midst of its imperfect condition, would be the nation He uses to bring about the redemption of all things.
4. Israel lives in a state of exile and deliverance as a nation as it waits for the Messiah promised in Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc.
5. Jesus comes to announce and bring about the ultimate exile, the New Heavens & New Earth.
6. The religious leaders do not recognise Jesus as Messiah because they have their own agendas.
7. Jesus is rejected and crucified.
8. Jesus rises again from the dead and presents himself to the disciples.
9. The Disciples spread the hope of a risen messiah (by preaching and writing)
10. The recreation of all thing (Rev. 21-22)

What do you think? Is this helpful to how you see the narrative of the scriptures? Is this missing anything major? Would you change anything? What are your thoughts?

(I’ll have the message online tomorrow sometime on our website if you want to listen – i have to warn you though, I trashed the second half of the message at 8:00 this morning so the second half is a little rough around the edges).