They say that the Motorola Razr is the thinnest phone available. Well, i would have to argue that i unofficially have the thinnest phone of all time after who knows how many cars ran over my precious phone.

Brad was dropping me off at starbucks yesterday and i decided to jump out at the light rather than make him pull into the lot. The problem was in the fact that my phone was still on my lap. Thus, when i made a break for the curb across one of the busiest streets in the area, my phone dropped onto the pavement.

I didn’t notice I didn’t have my phone for a few minutes and when i did, i just thought it was in Brad’s car…until he called me and told me it wasn’t. It then dawned on my that there was a good chance it was being ground into the pavement as i sat in my nice cushy Starbucks chair. I headed back out into the rain, across the busy street and found this:

Oh, poor, poor pitiful me…