This is an e-mail i got from my cousin today:

While driving to work Monday morning my car just shut down, speedometer went to zero, accelerator didn’t work, luckily I coasted through a green light into a gas station where I could barley turn the steering wheel and use the brakes. Called roadside assistance. 1.5 hours later my car was towed from the gas station to the service department at my car dealership. I was given a rental car and drove to work. Around 3:30 I got a call from Joe the Service Guy. Apparently I had run out of gas !!! He said that he had put 2 gallons in and the light was still on, he added another $20 and everything seemed to be fine. With my permission he wanted to keep the car overnight to make sure nothing else was wrong. He would call me the next morning and I could pick it up. Half way through this I started to laugh and so did he. I asked when I come back to pick up the car how many people will know that I was the dumbass who ran out of gas and had a car towed from a gas station. He said it was just me, him and the technician.

i told her that i will consider it my job to make fun of her for a long, long time.