I’ve been slaving away on a few websites.  A couple of them are done and a few of them are a few days away from launch.  

But, I wanted to draw your attention to a few sites that I not only designed but also wholeheartedly recommend. 

C4ML – Catlyst for Missional Leadership at Biblical Seminary

This isn’t a new website but its one that I developed about 6 months or so ago and we refreshed and reworked the site layout a bit.  With a site so heavy on content, it’s often helpful to revisit the site a few months after launch to see what worked and what didn’t.  So, I spent a few hours yesterday reworking some stuff.  I like the results.  The site feels a lot better. 

Not only do these guys have a great website, but I am a big fan of Mick Noel the director.  He’s become a friend and has a great heart for seeing the church in Philadelphia (both urban and suburban) be a honest to goodness witness to God’s Kingdom.  I went through one of the Missional Leader Labs a few years back and it was a very, very valuable part of my formation as a leader.  This was especially true since it was at this time that I was transitioning into my current role of Lead Pastor at The Well at the time. 

Dorie Morgan – Navigating Twenty-Something Suburban Life

Dorie is a great friend of our family and also a big part of our community at The Well.  She’s been blogging for a few months now and from that I’ve learned that she’s not only a great writer but also really insightful. I should say that I always suspected that this was the case but her blog cemented that thought in my head Add her blog to your feedreader, I think it will be worth your while! 

For her blog, I took the theme I released to the WordPress community and gave it a heavy tweaking and reworking specifically for Dorie site. 

Phillipe E. Leon Haberdashery 

I know what you are thinking, haberdashery?! What is that?!  Haberdasher is a fancy term for a suit maker. I met Chris (the owner) a long, long time ago and he’s been a friend for years.  Earlier this summer I approached him about making me a suit for some weddings I was going to be in. So, we bartered like it was 1798.  I made him this website and he made me a killer suit.  I think I got the good end of that deal.  I mean, look at this suit!  And yes, its got my last name embroidered on the outside of the inside pocket. Yes, I’m serious.  

So, looking for a well made custom suit?  Contact Chris and he’ll do you right.  Oh, did should mention that Chris has outfitted a number of professional athletes, including ex-NBA stud Del Currey. 

Coming Soon: A website for Renew, a church plant in Lansdale, PA and website for a church plant in NE Philly.