This is a little write up I did for our website for our last art show. Be sure to check out the images from the night if you do nothing else…

A little taste of SoHo…
…in suburban Philadelphia?

What happens when you take a dusty, dirty and greasy warehouse and slap some paint on the walls, put down some carpet, add some comfortable seating, build in a coffee bar and stage that has three gifted acoustic musicians and finally add art from over twenty-five artists from the Philadelphia area?

Well, one person’s thought was, “this reminds me a lot of SOHO” (if you have never been to NYC, SOHO is a culturally and artistically rich section of Manhattan).

On Saturday night, December 18th, The Well in Feasterville was host to one of the most wonderful collections of art and music that the suburbs of Philadelphia have seen in quite some time (of course, we’re not sure of too many others so we admit a bias here).

The night, featuring artists who specialized in glass, metal, photography, canvas and jewelry was accompanied by three gifted musicians who provided a great mood as over 150 people were able to appreciate the eclectic collection of creativity on display.

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