I was going through some old journals and found this prayer…

Jesus, I believe in you and I believe that you are making all things new, starting with those who you created in your image; us.

I believe you love in ways that I can never comprehend.

I believe for reasons I cannot totally explain.

God I don’t know exactly how all those in the world who don’t know you can learn to see you. I don’t exactly know how you reveal yourself to all these people who, from all signs, are crying out for what you offer.

I believe that you want these people to see you.
To know you.
To experience love. Faith. Hope. Life. Acceptance.

I want to believe that you can use your Church in this.

I also want to believe that the Church is willing to follow your spirit into the places it needs to go to make this possible.

I don’t know what this means.

God, broaden our imaginations and allow us to walk in the movements of the spirit in our community…