Today, my son and I took a (now annual) trip to Dover, DE to see the NASCAR Nationwide Series race. It was a beautiful day and a great race. Since I had a zoom lens, I took the opportunity to take some pictures that give you a little picture of the diverse group of people who attend these races.

Mullet + Stache = Awesome.

This guy is rocking this classic look with total confidence. Well done my friend, well done…

The Mullet II

Add in the Oakley’s with the flames on the side and you’ve got yourself an awesome combination!

Down Home

You can’t see it but this stylish woman is knitting. I wonder if she’s knitting a #88 on a flame pattern. Oh, and I just love this hat.


Where else can you go where sporting a rockin farmers tan like this is not only be accepted, but in style?

Make Sure They Know Who You Root For!

What better way than shaving your favorite drivers number in the back of your head? Makes total sense doesn’t it?

You know you are a redneck if…

…you look anything like this guy.

Free Samples!!!

Of Red Man?!?! Seriously? I know this isn’t fashion but I just had to share this. It doesn’t get any better than this right here. Where else could you go to get a free sample of snuff?

Who Let These Guys In?!

At least we’re wearing the right clothes with our favorite numbers on them. Too bad we don’t have the right hair styles. Maybe next year. While we may not fit in with the fashion I have to say it doesn’t seem to really matter. NASCAR fans are some of the nicest people on the face of the earth. It’s like one big family. I’m afraid to say, many churches could learn a thing or two about hospitality from these people… just saying…