A few years ago I wrote a post asking what it might look like to have a suburban missions trip. Well, in about two hours we will be begin our first missions trip to suburbia.

I’ve gotta be up front here. I’ve done very little to make this happen other than maybe share in the creation of the idea and what kinds of things we might do (I forget who thought of it and that’s really irrelevant). Gary (my now blogging co-pastor) has done an enormous amount of preparation for us to spend the next 6 days working with 9 different non-profits in suburban Philadelphia. We have about 25 people from The Well who will be participating in serving others in our own neighborhoods. Thursday night we’re hosting a Forum on Suburban Poverty that has some good buzz in the community and on Saturday we’re raising money for a local family who has a three year old daughter that has cancer.

In our down times we’ll be spending a ton of time in prayer and basically getting to know the hidden parts of our area. It’s been amazing to see that there are a very large number of people and organizations who are quietly serving the poor in the burbs. It’s also amazing that we’ve never heard of many of them and we’re just now for the first time engaging with them.

I am excited to see God work in the midst of this trip. I am also excited to see how God uses this trip to propel us into the future. I’m guessing I’ll be posting some updates through out the week so stay tuned. You might also keep an eye on Gary’s blog this week too.