Since I have been going to seminary so sparadictly, I’ve developed pretty much one true friendship there. LT (who blogs here) was in class with me my first semester. (This is a picture with us and our wives. After knowing LT for about 4 years, amazingly this is the first time we met each other’s wives). We quickly made a connection through our "tech geekness" – he too was using a keyboard with his Palm to take note in class…soon that turned to both of us sporting an Apple computer to take notes with…in fact, he’s one of the ones who was part of my Apple conversation experience, so needless to say he’s played an amazingly important role in my life!

LT graduated from Biblical Thological Seminary today with his mDiv. In fact, he even had the honor of winning the "Presidents’ Award." This was given to the student who most emodied the values and mission of the mDiv program. It’s a well deserved award to be sure. LT is hands down, one of my top ten favorite people in the world. We definately don’t get enough time together in person but when we do, i am always challanged, enriched, blessed, encouraged and inspired.

I keep on trying to get him to come over to The Well and be part of ours community, but I think i am grasping for straws here…oh well. Anyways, here’s to my brother, LT…congrats on your mDiv dude. Maybe in 26 years I’ll be able to get one of those!