So, I did a wierd thing today. I took a walk. It is such a beautiful day here, so I just grabbed my iPod, a hooded sweatshirt, and started walking…

It is a strange thing for me these days to slow down that much. I seem to be in this phase where I feel like I always need to be doing “something productive” (whatever that means!). But, to slow down like that and take a walk, listen to some good meditative music and spend some time in communion with God is something I need more of. It was an especially needed thing in the midst of a day where I feel the weight of my sinfulness a little more (man, you know, for me even to write that, I was really careful with the way I phrased it. Despite my cry for the church to be more open and transparent, I just don’t like people thinking that I am struggling. I guess it is a nervousness with wondering if people will start guessing which sin I am talking about and begin judging me…)

Anyways, I give you this advice. Grab your iPod (or your pithy Discman if you must!), get some good worship/instrumental music and take a nice long stroll…you’ll be glad you did.

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