Adoption Update:
From my wife’s adoption blog:

I got an email from Teresa on Friday and she said that she got the documents and they are on their way to Guatemala. She said they looked great, which is very encouraging!!! They should get there either today or tomorrow. And she also said that we are second on the list for a boy, but there are a few people ahead of us on the “open” list. This means they are open to either sex and if a boy was ready for a referral, they would get priority. So, again we wait and I’m very nervous and excited!! We will keep you posted!

I hope to be putting up a picture of our son here sometime soon! We can’t wait to “meet” the child that God has for us.

I’m in class again:
About two hours before the first class of the semester I decided it was finally about time I started working on finishing my masters degree. I did a nice long stint at Biblical Theological Seminary about three years ago and am a little over half way through a new degree program they just started. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with a Masters of Missional Theology from biblical in about 27 more credits (which is about 9 classes). So, I am taking the class “Missional Church I” and it seems like it should be a fairly decent refresher on a lot of stuff I have already read (I have read 4 of the 7 suggested books). Though, it does give me an excuse to work through Newbigin’s book “The Open Secret.”

Memorial Service
This past Saturday I had the privilege of overseeing the memorial service for a woman in our church who battled cancer for the last few years. Her name was Beth Morgan and she was quite an amazing woman. While its never fun to do a funeral, its a blessing to be able to do one for someone as special as her. It was apparent from those who came out and those who shared (and from the ways I saw here serve!) that the hard work she put in for the sake of the gospel was not in vain.

WEC International
I spoke this week twice at the WEC International missions conference. It was quite an honor to speak to a room full of missionaries. What an amazing group of people. One of the things that i noticed quickly during the worship service i was apart of is that these people sing like they have great reason to. While I think we worship well at The Well, these people sang like they meant it. I was able to preach on Wednesday and then I sat on a panel about the missional / emerging church with Scott Collins-Jones, John Franke and Tony Sundermeier. This was a great time.

I had the awesome privilege of baptising two people in our community Sunday night. It was a great time, though, I would not suggest hot tubs for baptisms. It’s way too easy to lose your footing! But, the night was good and a number of people who are not Christians were able to see two people express their faith through baptism.

Update: Preschool has begun!
I almost forgot, my son Cole has just started preschool and he loves it. Its a tad bit nerveracking knowing that he is finally in a place where he will be influenced by people other than ourselves for two hours, two days a week. Of course, you can’t protect your kids forever..