Dear Mason,

So, today is the third full day we have known you. It still doesn’t seem real. When I look at you I can’t believe you are with us and we are here and that we don’t have to give you back. So many of the other families are down here to visit their children. Then they have to leave and wait till the adoption is done to be able to bring them home. I am not sure I would be able do that. From what I hear, its quite a hard thing to do!

Mason Carlos Hiestand Anyways, today we had a fun day. Though, most of it was just sitting around with a few other parents and their children since it rained outside. But, you’ve been laughing and smiling all day so we don’t really care where we are.

You have developed a bit of a fever again tonight. In fact, when we tried to give your your medicine you decided you didn’t really want it. But, of course, that was after you already swallowed it! So, of course, you heaved it all over yourself. I’ll be honest, it was totally gross. Don’t worry, your did it on your mommy’s side of the bed. Thanks for taking care of me!

Well, tomorrow we have to be up at 5:00am in order to get some breakfast and then get to the United States Embassy by 7:15am. We’re getting a ride from our lawyer and they will help us. Basically, we are applying for a Visa so that we can bring you home. From what we hear, it shouldn’t be that bad. We have great people working with us so they will take care of everything. Its still a little nerve wracking because after all this time this is the last big hurdle we have to face. After that, we can pick up the visa on Tuesday and then on Wednesday morning we’ll head home!

Tomorrow, after the embassy appointment we are going to take a tour of a town called Antigua. Its supposed to be a beautiful place. We’re hoping that you feel okay so we can do it. If not, maybe we can do it on Tuesday.

Okay, well, I need to get to bed. Its going to be an early day tomorrow!

Your Daddy,