So, we got home last night after a long 12 hour day of travel. But, it was way worth the trip! It was awesome to see Cole again. Its funny, after you have been holding a child who weighs just 14 pounds, you realize just how big your four year old really is!

We’re settling in here as best we can. I am taking the next day or so off and trying to get a play room set up for Cole in the basement (where my home office is, which should be interesting!)

Cole and MasonCole is so proud of his little brother. The priceless moment of the day so far: After taking these pictures of them on the sofa Cole says with a smirk on his face, “I think we should keep him.” We of course replied “Of course we are!”

On a unfortunate note, we seem to have had our video camera either lost or stolen. Of course, inside the camera is all the video we took on the trip (which wasn’t much, but as you can imagine it is completely irreplaceable). So, we’re making a few phone calls and seeing if we either left it at the hotel or on a tour we took. Hopefully it turns up. If it does, we’ll be sure to share it.

Other than that, we’re settling in to life as a family of four. This should be interesting!