So, I am sitting in lobby of perhaps the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen. This place is absolutely gorgeous. I love the architecture and the bed, well the bed is unbelievable! Oh, Apparently the president of Spain stays here when he visits. However, the guy in the shuttle said that George Bush is too good for this place. He stays somewhere else. Whatever.

Aynways, the flights when as smooth as it possibly could have and we landed in Guatemala City at about 8:10pm. (We’re in the central time zone we’re two hours apart from the east coast.  I guess that puts us in the mountian time zone). Customs was easy and we got our bags quickly and were helped by a kind Guatemalan gentleman looking for a tip. He may have been looking for a tip, but if we didn’t have him, we would probably have been quite confused. Once you exit the airport, its slightly chaotic. There are people everywhere in a fairly small area. I was more than happy to tip him. He took care of us well.

I was happy to see that many of the television stations are in English (about half of them). We got most of the major networks and cable news stations. I was saddned however to notice that, while we do get ESPN, its ESPN Deportes (the spanish version). Of course, if anything is universal, it’s sports so I should still be able to follow my red hot Cubbies.

Well, tomorrow we wake up, get some breakfast and then around 10:00am central time, we meet Mason, his foster mother and our liaison. Its all rather surreal and its hard to believe we are down here. But we are, so rock on!

(Oh and internet access is about $10.00 a day so i am not sure if we’re going to pay for it each day but we will be sure to keep you all as updated as possible!)

Pictures and possibly video to follow tomorrow…