From my wife’s adoption blog:

“we got out of Family Court on Friday and will be in PGN by Thursday or Friday! I am so excited!!!! The timeline in my head is right on, so far. We are still hoping to go pick him up sometime in April. Please be praying we get a good reviewer in PGN and that we don’t get any kickouts!

PGN, for those of you confused now, is the final stage in this process. It is where they look at ALL the paperwork that has been done. This is the point where all the paperwork that we did, and had to re-do, matters. We could get kickout for something as simple as the reviewer not being able to see one of the letters of someone’s signature. Our agency had us re-do some of our stuff, before we even sent it to Guatemala, so that when we got to this point, we wouldn’t get kickout. So, hopefully everything will be approved. It all depends on what reviewer you get. Some are really picky and some are not as bad….”

This is good news…keep on praying!