This morning I drove a guest we had in to visit with our family and The Well from New Orleans to the Philadelphia airport. On the way back, the traffic was terrible. So, I figured instead of sitting in traffic for an hour I would just spend the morning in Center City Philly. I love the city and I always find it refreshing to spend the day walking around and working in a Starbucks or someplace with wi-fi.

Today was no different. After a few hours of relaxing work in the Starbucks on Market Street, I went back to my car and…well…it was gone. If you have ever seen my car, you will know why I was quite sure that it wasn’t stolen. Yes, my car had been towed. I parked in a lot that is unofficially free on the nights and weekends (a friend who works down there pointed me to it last time i visited him). However, what I didn’t understand was that it was not free during the day. So, with no car, I called my buddy who was able to take me back home after work.

Since I had about 5 hours till he was done with his meetings, I spent the rest of the day reading and designing in a Borders. I also took some time to go and read a while in Rittenhouse Square (a very, very cool park near Walnut Street).

All in all, it was a beautiful day outside. I got some good work done. Relaxed and enjoyed the city.

Of course, its going to cost me about $200 bucks….

I say “going to” because when we got to the impound lot, it was closed. Go figure. My buddy kindly let me take his car home and I’ll be headed down in the AM to pick him up and make a visit the dude who took my car which, by the way, I rightfully own!

If you feel sorry for me, don’t. We can “afford it” (meaning we won’t starve). But, we are facing a $10,000 payment due for our Adoption. Feel free to generously give to that cause using the link below!