inconvenientA few months ago an I went to see an Inconvenient Truth, the documentary by Al Gore and Jason Clark’s recent post caused me to reflect on it again. It was a very, very hard to watch movie and it struck a very deep chord with me. Whether or not you like Al Gore, or wonder about his ulterior motives, it is very, very hard to deny the facts that are presented. I grew up in a world where it was, for some reason, considered non-Christian to care about the environment (I don’t know if this was said directly, but I do know that somehow I learned to be skeptical of anyone cared about the environment). The thing I wonder is this, what do we get out of not caring for the environment and pushing this aside as some kind of political issue? Why do we feel such a need to fight against it? Did God not call us to care for his creation? I know its a politically charged issue, but seriously, I don’t mind “losing” this arguement if its for the sake of my kids and my kids kids and our general command to care for creation.

I do know that my life has now changed. Not by some great awakening or something like that. But, its changed me in how I live my life in just a few small ways….

I am now trying to drive less.
On Monday’s and Tuesday’s I only drive 1/4 of a mile (I should really walk, but let’s take it one step at a time – no pun intended) to the local coffee shop (yes, its a Starbucks) and do my work there all day. So, I’ve saving at least 40 miles or so a week.
At church we have finally started to recycle and use paper cups.
This is actually a sacrifice for us financially cause styrofoam cups are much cheaper.

These are small sacrifices but as the movie showed its the small things that matter…