I am kind of making a change in my blog habits…I have often felt the need to be a little more intentional and meaningful in the what i write. I am guessing most of you could care less about my new motorola razor phone and other dumb stuff.

Over the last year I have become very fascinated and passionate about Missional Theology. In the process, i have realized that the acedemic level of this theology is way above the heads and hearts of most of the people in the seats at church. My passion has become taking the acedemic progress being made in this field and exploring it and bringing it down to the lay person’s level. I have realized that I am not gifted to do think like find the missional heart and agenda in a Karl Barth. But, i sure can read the results of a study like that and bring it down to the ground, how this works out, level.

I have dedicated a site to my exploration and journey in missional theology at MEREMISSION.ORG

I invite you to come along and journey with me as i explore this beautiful theological landscape…I’d love to start some good dialoge about this subject so feel free to bookmark, blogroll and link the new site. 🙂

you can start by reading a little welcome and a little about why i started the site.

For the record, i will still be blogging here, just probably a little less and a little more personal stuff. Feel free to stick around because I will.