I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about leadership. This question has haunted me recently. Am I acting as a leader or am I just holding a position? Now, I realize I tend to be way too hard on myself but I think that’s sometimes really helpful to be so.

But, the thing I am learning is that its way too easy to hold a position of leadership and not actually be leading to your fullest potential. A question… Does our comfortable culture allow us to be in situations where we can get by without actually leading? Really the question comes down to this, as leaders, are we so captured by an alternative vision for the future that we are willing to give anything for it? Or, are we happy just having a job that allows us to live (fairly) comfortable lives?

Really, I think its an issue of focus. Last week I was having lunch with one of my best friends, LT at a sweet little sushi bar in Philly and he said something simple to me that really struck a chord. He has been to a few conferences where he heard a few great leaders speak. He said that the thing that stuck out about them was that they were just so focused. This made me think, how focused am I?

The Leadership ChallengeIn the book, The Leadership Challenge, the authors write (by the way, this book is really good),

“It’s all about what gets you up in the morning and won’t let you sleep at night. It’s all about something that you find so important that you’re willing to put in the time, suffer the inevitable setbacks, and make the necessary sacrifices…” (p. 113)

I meet so many pastors and leaders that have lost sight of what drove them when they first started. But, recently, I am thinking that while I have not really lost the vision of what we are trying to do at The Well, I have lost a bit of my focus on this vision.

So, I’ve experienced a bit of a rebirth of my passion for our church. I cannot sit still. I cannot keep wasting time. I cannot make excuses for why things aren’t done. I must simply find ways for us to get them done. I think its time reaffirm my focus and get down and do the hard work of the church. After all, it is what gets me up in the morning and often at night it won’t let me sleep…