Brad and I are up at Yale with a bunch of other pastors, theologians and others at a theological conference. So far its been great connecting with others from all over the country and around the world. Last night we had an introduction session with Miraslov Volf who is our leading the conversation this week. If you are here this weekend, perhaps we’ll connect. Just look for the guy that Tony Jones has declared the Michael W. Smith of the Emergent (Apparently growing your hair out like i am now is a little “80’s”)…whatever, what does Tony know anyways?

oh, and those of you who know me, you know that my wife and I are HUGE fans of the TV show Gilmore Girls…so, being at Yale is kind of like a pilgrimage of sorts for me…I think i am going to grab a few copies of the Yale Daily News and see if i can’t find Rory and get her to autograph a copy for me….