I’m continuing to read through the book Missional Church and came across this quote…

“In a free world of the autonomous and decentered self, and with a gospel of reconciliation in Christ, the churches must revive what it means to be communities of the reign of God. Churches are called to be bodies of people sent on a mission rather than the storefronts for vendors of religious services and goods in North American culture. We must surrender the self-consumption of the church as as voluntary association of individuals and live by the recognition that we are a communal body of Christ’s followers, mutually committed and responsible to one another and to the mission Jesus set us upon at his resurrection.”

Guder, Missional Church p.108

This reminds me of a thought I formed in a blog post a while back that emphasized our need to reclaim what it means to be a community that does mission together. It’s a reflection on that Fishers of Men song/passage and is called “Fishing in Community.”

Read it here.