If you aren’t using a feedreader to read my blog, you’ll hopefully notice that I’ve given the site quite a face lift. I basically started from scratch and redeveloped it from the ground up. I was the kid who always changed his room around every month just for something new so this should come as no surprise to those who know me. But, I don’t think this was just an arbitrary redesign. I had some purpose and some goals in mind:

  • Create a site that took on more of my “interesting” personality. I tried to show some of my personality in the way i wrote the headings and displayed the content. Part of this is the random quote that comes across the top. Mostly, they will be stupid and totally random statements that make very little sense. Much like most of my jokes. There are all kinds of little weird things on the site. I am sure you’ll find them as you look around. Hint: Click on the Oreo Cookies link in the “site tools” section.
  • Highlight my web design work. This is probably the most useful reason for the redesign since it will hopefully bring me some new clients. On the right (in case you missed the really big images) you’ll see some of my most recent work. Soon, those links will take you to a blog post describing more about the project, but for now I just have them going to the actual site.
  • Quickly summarize long or important posts: I personally don’t read posts that are longer than two paragraphs unless the title really catches my attention. So, I added the ability to add “post summary” on select posts. I did this using Custom Fields in WordPress. Hopefully this will help you know if you want to keep reading or not. I may also use that little feature to make little notes about a post. For example, if i have updated a post with new info I’ll add “Update: I added ______ to this post.”
  • Keep things clean and simple. I love clean, simple and well organized designs. Hopefully I have done that well.

Well, there you go. Hope you enjoy it. If you see any quirks or problems, please leave me a comment or contact me. Oh, for all of you poor souls using internet explorer, i know there are a few problems on some of the subpages. I’m working on fixed them. In the mean time, get a real webbrowser.