Todd Hiestand

Todd Hiestand

My wife and I parent four boys, six goats, two dogs, two chickens (update: the chickens have been eaten by coyotes) and we live very close to, but not actually in, Portland, OR. I help nonprofits navigate storytelling, fundraising and technology at 343 Consulting.

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Recent Writings

The (Missional) Vocation of Marriage

A lot is currently being said about marriage these days due to the recent publication of two books on marriage by two famous (and/or infamous) pastors. I won’t link to one of them because I just don’t think it would be helpful, but I will link to the other one because (while I haven’t read […]

The Temptatons of Jesus and our Temptations

At the heart of all temptations, as we see here [in the temptations of Jesus], is the act of pushing God aside because we perceive him as secondary; if not actually superfluous and annoying in comparison with all the apparently far more urgent matters that fill our lives. Constructing a world by our own lights, without reference to God, building our […]

Junia is Not Alone

I’m a friend of many women who have had to wrestle through trying to discern their calling into pastoral ministry. Discerning this isn’t easy no matter your sex, but when you are a women its infinitely more difficult. I’m one who advocates for women being able to serve in any capacity in the local church. […]

Towards a Discipleship Framework

I’ve been working on the following thoughts for the last year or so and I am honestly apprehensive to even publish this because it has morphed and changed so much over the last year.  It’s far from perfect but I’d love to hear your thoughts to improve it and tighten it up a bit.  Discipleship […]

Two Weeks from Today…

…I’ll be recovering from running 26.2 miles… that is if i finish! For the last 4 months I’ve been training hard for this marathon. I’ve made a couple posts on my blog as to why I’m running the marathon (Why I’m Running The Chicago Marathon) and what I’ve kept on running (Why I Run.). When […]

Measuring Church Effectiveness

What he said… “Ultimately, each church will be evaluated by only one thing. It’s disciples. Your church is only as good as its disciples. It does not matter how good your praise, preaching, programs or property are: If you’re disciples are passive, needy, consumerist, and not moving in the direction of radical obedience, your church […]

Why I Run.

I used to be one of those guys who would look at people running and say “those people are nuts.” I mean, why would I run? Growing up playing sports, running was always the punishment for doing something wrong. Miss too many free  throws? Run. Drop a fly ball? Run. Make the wrong pass? Run. […]

Why I'm Running The Chicago Marathon

(I’m raising awareness/money for Lemonade International by running the 2011 Chicago Marathon. You can help education and feed the children of La Limonada by donating here). About a year and a half ago a friend of mine, Katie Nolan, was lost on Mt. Hood. She and her two friends who were hiking with her died […]

Preaching on the Run: Preparing Sermons as a Bi-Vocational Pastor Who Can’t Spend 30 Hours in His Study

I was told in seminary that I should spend 1 hour of sermon prep for every minute I will be preaching.  For many of us that means we should spend 20-30 hours preparing sermons?  This approach poses some serious problems for me. First of all, I have other pastoral responsibilities. Second, I am bi-vocational so […]

The Necessity of Community for Witness

In light of my post yesterday on the problem of isolation and individualism in our culture I offer you this short expert from Darrel Guder’s excellent book, The Continuing Conversion of the Church.  This is an older book (published in 2000), but I read this in 2001 and it single-handedly recalibrated my understanding of the […]