I was looking at my bookshelf the other day and realized that this year was a fairly good reading year for me. So, I started trying to remember what I read and how I liked what I read. So, I’ve decided to share that here. I was going to post my thoughts all at once, but when i was done writing I had six pages of text! That’s way too much to read so I am going to post them one section at a time.

Book Reviews to come in the next few days:

Countdown to Sunday: A daily guide to those that dare to preach by Chris Eardman
Wow. This book rocked my world in such a good way. The subtitle says it all, “a daily guide for those who dare to preach.” I realized after speaking at the funeral I did recently that I have taken preaching way too lightly this year. In that funeral, I was so aware of the gravity of the situation. Gary (my co-pastor) and I talked later that night about how every time we preach should be that big of a deal. I really believe that Eardman thinks that preaching can change the world and that we should approach the moment with that much intensity. Between the funeral and his book, my preaching better never be the same. The other part of this book that was helpful was that he gave me a great framework for preaching as a bi-vocational minister who doesn’t have the luxery of putting in 25 hours of study and prep.

Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley
I’ve had this book recommended to me by about 5 pastor friends. It was a really, really helpful book on preaching. Its not going to knock your socks off with revolutionary content, but its solid. Really solid. Some great suggestions that help teach the preacher how to communicate in a way that effects true change in those who are listening. He helpfully points out that this does not negate the work of the Holy Spirit. But rather, makes the case that we should do our best to communicate in a clear an effective way. This was a great complement to the book above by Eardman.

Working the Angles by Eugene Peterson
This is another top 10. In fact, I read this book every year. I’ve said before that it usually makes me physically ill because it is so convicting and challenging. I keep coming back to it because it is such a great reminder about what the pastorate is about. If you are a pastor and you have not read this book, I’d strongly suggest it.

Off-Road Disciplines by Earl Creps
I got this book for review and found it a good read. I blogged about it here this year so I won’t re-write what I said there.