why is it that these days two guys can’t go out together without being labled gay?

Yesterday Brad (my co-pastor) and i, with our wives away at a women’s retreat, went out to breakfast with our two adorable kids. We ended up having a conversation with a few guys who were obviously Christians (they had their bible there and we overheard them talking about God). In the midst of our short conversation one of them stated how when they first walked in and saw us his first thought was, “Huh, that looks like two gay guys who must have adopted children somehow…”

How screwed up is that?

Later that day i spent some time with another friend at Chick-Fil-A (the best chicken sandwhich in the world) and we had Cole along…i wonder how man people in that place thought to themselves “hey. look at the gay guys with the baby.”

why are we people who automatically see people and judge them? Why is it that our first thought is to label someone…whether its by race, sexual orientation or whatever…