Came across this quote from this blog and wanted to share it:

“Just as we are all meant to be contemplatives and hear the voice of God in our lives we are all meant to answer God’s call to be His partners in transfiguring the world. This calling, this encounter with God, is always to send us into the midst of human suffering.” – Desmond Tutu

I have been struggling with John 14 today because I sense that I have preached this content over and over again, yet we (all of us, myself included) continue to cheer on what is preached and after the service people say “that was great” or “right on” or “i totally agree” and we all then walk out the door and we don’t really live that way.

We think, i want to live that way, but then we don’t. We leave it up to the super Christians, who by the way, once we get to know them we realize they aren’t really super Christians after all. They’re just people who have made a decision. The decision to humbly lose their live for the sake of the kingdom. Or, as David Duchemin puts it on his blog (read that post if you have 2 minutes, its worth it),

“But it cost something, this following. Something. It costs all. My God it’s so hard to pry loose the grip of my hands and my heart on these grubby pebbles of ambition when you offer diamonds instead.

The kingdom of Heaven is not only a gift but an exchange. To grasp the greater requires we relinquish the lesser. He can only fill us to the extent that we’re willing to tip the bucket and empty ourselves.”

This is a decision that can be made by all of us. I long to see what a group of people who actually make this decision, to empty ourselves would look like. How much better would it be than simple sitting on the sideline and cheering and never really stepping out onto the field (sorry for the cheesy sports analogy).