Todd Hiestand

Todd Hiestand

My wife and I parent four boys, six goats, two dogs, two chickens (update: the chickens have been eaten by coyotes) and we live very close to, but not actually in, Portland, OR. I help nonprofits navigate storytelling, fundraising and technology at 343 Consulting.

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Recent Writings

The Role of the "Pastor"

A couple days ago I was writing how being bi-occupational allowed me to naturally pastor in a way that calls the community to live their gifting and calling for the sake for the kingdom… In case I wasn’t clear, let me quote from one of my heros, Lesslie Newbigin. He’s talking about the role of […]

The Lure of Shiny New Things

I’ve become a big fan of Patrick Lencioni and his leadership books. I think he sees things that most of just don’t see. The things he sees are those “duh” type of things too. I subscribe to his “Point of View” newsletter. (you can do so here). Today he sent out a thought on the […]

Church Leadership Meetings: Is it Possible Not to Hate Them?

Meetings. We typically don’t like them. In fact, most of us hate them. This is true for many reasons. I’ve blogged about this before. At The Well we’ve been on a journey to figure out how to best form our meet time so that our time is well spent. I’ll be honest, I’ve gone back […]

Open Handed Ministry

(I posted this post over at my other blog that I don’t think will actually take off again because I am realizing I can’t put energy into two blogs, so I am reposting it here). If you are a pastor, here’s a question: How do you refer the people in your church? Most pastors I […]

MereMission: Missions, Missional & The Global Church

I’ve got my first post of the new MereMission up. Here’s an excerpt: One of in things to say in churches that claim to be “missional” is something like this: “we don’t have a missions program, our church is a missions program.” This is a great statement, I’ve said it quite often and I am […]

The Church & Suburbia Seminar with Al Hsu

I know this is early, but with vacations in the summer, I’m trying to get the word our early. So here it goes…On August 8-9, 2008, my church The Well, in partnership with the Ecclesia Network and C4ML at Biblical Seminary, will be hosting a one-day conference with Al Hsu, author of The Suburban Christian […]

Does Your Church Really Need Jesus?

I’ve been reading Organic Church by Neil Cole. I’ll admit that when I saw the cover I wasn’t too excited to read the book. The coffee cup just kinda turned me off for some reason. Then, at our Ecclesia Gathering Alan Hirsch kept raving about the book so I figured I would give it the […]

Pastoring Like It's 1989…kind of

For the last two days I’ve been with out a computer. My MacBook Pro is on a little vacation for some R&R. Okay, it actually had a bunch of problems all at once and I finally broke down and sent it off to get fixed. I should have it back on Thursday. I am writing […]

Environmentalists in the Church

No, not those kind of environmentalists. Not the ones who talk about caring for the earth. I’m all for that. But, I’m referring to leaders who create environments that give room for people to change as Joe Myers talks about in his book The Search to Belong, “Environmentalists” practice restraint when it comes to controlling […]

Don't Judge Draw Final Conclusions On A Church Based on One Visit

For whatever reason, we have a lot of people who visit our community on Sunday mornings. This is all fine and dandy. But, a thought occurred to me recently. I often want to tell those visitors that you can’t judge draw final conclusions about The Well (or any church for that matter) based on one […]