Todd Hiestand

Todd Hiestand

My wife and I parent four boys, six goats, two dogs, two chickens (update: the chickens have been eaten by coyotes) and we live very close to, but not actually in, Portland, OR. I help nonprofits navigate storytelling, fundraising and technology at 343 Consulting.

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Recent Writings

On Running My First half-Marathon

The last time I ran in a timed, race-type event was in high school.  It was gym class and one of the kids in my class was on the cross country team.  I didn’t like him very much (I don’t now remember why).  He was not only on the cross-country team but he was pretty […]

Cole's Golf Swing

I haven’t really taught Cole how to swing a club. He’s basically taught himself from watching the pro’s on TV.

Hola! Send Us to Guatemala!

This summer we (both Melanie and I) will be heading to Guatemala City with ten other people from our church. From June 20-26 we will be serving some of the poorest people in the world in Central America’s largest slum called La Limonada. We need to raise approximately $600 total for this trip and we […]

My Clan

Four good reasons why I haven’t been blogging as much lately: I am sure I’ll resume sooner or later. Subscribe to the feed to find out when.

Hiestand Boy Band

Mason has become quite the singer, this is him leading is brothers in some of his favorite songs.

Peace on Earth. We Need it Now…

Sing the honest words of U2 in this song tonight as I process through the loss of a friend tonight. Heaven on Earth, we need it now I’m sick of all of this hanging around Sick of sorrow, sick of the pain I’m sick of hearing again and again That there’s gonna be peace on […]

Teaching Your Kids about Giving To Others

Two weeks ago I posted on twitter that to be an activist without actually doing anything is hypocrisy.  I was quoting a friend and I think the statement is meant to be a little overstated to make a point.  The point is this, if you are gonna get all judgmental on other for not caring […]

Happy Birthday Mason

Our son, Mason was born three years ago, appropriately, on Mischief Night. This kid has been in our house for 2 years and 2 months after we brought him home from his birth country of Guatemala. He’s been such a blessing to our lives in ways that we can’t really even comprehend. We’re so blessed […]

I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For – Reflections on U2 at Giants Stadium

Thursday morning I received a phone call at 5:10am from my dad. Being that my dad lives in Chicago it meant that he was calling me at 4:10am. That’s never a good phone call. It wasn’t. He was calling me to tell me that my grandmother had passed away 20 minutes earlier. Thankfully, I had […]

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