This week marked the first service at our church since Brad and his wife moved to Minnesota. If you aren’t familiar with our community, Brad has been here for nine years and has had a major impact on the community that we are today.  We really are going to miss him and his family. They are now getting settled into their new home in Minnesota.

This Sunday before my message I put together a little list of the top ten ways our church will change now that they are gone…

Top Ten Ways the Well will change now that we are rid of Brad:

10. From now on all of our concerts will be gospel quartets because we are convinced that rock music is demonic.

9. This week we will begin removing the chairs and installing pews

8. Beginning next week, we will be enforcing a strict dress code

7. All Meetings and Gatherings will now start on time.

6. We now encourage you to only concentrate on being a Christian on Sunday mornings.  Take the rest of the week off to enjoy the pleasures of this world.

5. We now have a new motto: “Following Our Leaders.  Blessing Ourselves.”

4. The Greeting time will only last 13 seconds to reduce the amount of time we are forced to talk to each other.

3. Golf & Cigars are no longer considered viable “ministry”

2. We will be implementing a demerit system for tardiness, sins, dress code violations or other things the leadership deems “unchristian”

1. We will be removing all art from the walls and replacing it with life-size portraits of the Ministry Leadership Team and previous pastoral staff

Hopefully you catch the sarcasm and you get the point.  Despite the fact that we will miss the Jackson Family, The Well is still a church that exists to be a redemptive community in our world.  Please pray for us during this transition and for our future together as a community…