I headed down to Philadelphia to hang out with my friend LT (who is in my top five favorite people in the world!). LT is a pastor at Chinese Christian Church and it has been really interesting to learn over the years about the culture that the Chinese church in America faces. You think the whole post-modern / modern thing is a big deal, try adding that to three generations where some grew up in China, some who’s parents were immigrants and those like LT who grew up here in the States. Talk about politics and culture and generation wars. Listening to the stories of doing ministry in that context, I have the utmost respect for him and those who are in the same position. Its a total other culture and it really makes me realize just how contextual ministry really is.

Anyways, LT is also quite a gifted designer (though, he pretends he is not) and whenever I hang out with him I am inspired to learn more about design. One of the ways he does is by reading the trendy / cultural magazines and in addition to reading the articles, noticing how they are designed and laid out. While we were at Borders books today he turned me on to “Good Magazine.” Which, is self-described as “media for people who give a damn.” The articles were fantastic and enlightening and the design was really impressive as well. When I got home I decided it would be a good investment for me to subscribe to for a year and was pleasantly surprised to see that when you subscribe part of your subscription price goes to a donation to the charity of your choice. I was just as excited to see that Teachers for America was one of the choices as we have a woman in our church who serves with them down in inner city Philly. So, not only did I get a cool magazine, but I am supporting Amy’s work in Philly…

Anyways, check out the magazine and read LT’s blog about being an American Born Chinese Pastor

Update: i fixed the links to LT’s blog.  Thanks for the heads up DJ!