My family and I are headed off to Tenn. for the week. We’re going down to visit Melanie’s sister and her husband. They recently moved down there and they are working at a camp for teens who are recovering from drugs / alcohol. While i am not looking foward to the 14 hour drive, i am looking forward to some time away.

I have no clue what my internet life will be like the next 7 days, so if you don’t hear from me I’ll be back on the 31st.

A few reflections on christmas:

– We had two christmas eve services yesterday. they were great an suprisingly well attended. Since we are a younger church most of our community is away with family over christmas. but, we still had a great time with those who were here.

Curse those grey twisty things! If you are a parent of a small child you know what i am talking about. It seems every toy we opened had about 10 grey, titanium-laced twist ties holding the toy in place. i never want to see one of those again!

– This was the first year I had to put together something big for my son. After about two hours I finally finished his train table set. he’d better like it!

– As my son gets older, i enjoy his gifts more and more. Melanie’s grandparents got him a really nice nerf-style basketball hoop. it has a glass backboard and everything! I grew up with these things and this is easily the best one i, i mean we, have ever owned…