From Brian McLaren’s article at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism’s 2004 Evangelism Roundtable Presentations.

Decrease church attendance. (Or: Deploy Christians into their neighborhoods and communities and world to build relationships with everyone they can, especially the last, the lost, the least.)

This radical reconception of what the gospel, the disciple, and the Great Commission truly are will lead to a new missional conception of the church. Rather than measuring the church by its attendance, we will measure it by its deployment. Instead of trying to get more people to attend church more of the time, we will try to get people who attend church to do so only as much as is necessary, and no more, so they can spend more time interacting lovingly with their neighbors as an expression of their life in the kingdom of God as disciples.
?Church? will decreasingly mean a place one attends, and will increasingly mean a community to which one belongs, who share a common mission and a common spiritual practice, rooted in a common story of what?s going on here on planet earth. Whether the word ?church? (like the word ?Christian?) is abused beyond recovery, I don?t know. Let?s assume it is redeemable.

One of the greatest enemies of evangelism is the church as fortress or social club; it sucks Christians out of their neighborhoods, clubs, workplaces, schools, and other social networks and isolates them in a religious ghetto. There it must entertain them (through various means, many of them masquerading as education) and hold them (through various means, many of them epitomized by the words guilt and fear). Thus Christians are warehoused as merchandise for heaven, kept safe in a protected space to prevent spillage, leakage, damage, or loss until their delivery.

However, if the church is otherwise imagined, it can be experienced as an open community, welcoming strangers as Jesus welcomed sinners. Thus it becomes the main highway of evangelism. And if surprising people are loved there ? people who would not be accepted were it not for the good news of the kingdom of God: the poor, the racially other, the politically other, etc. ? the church will once again burst with new wine that no old wineskins can contain.