For some reason my area is the home of stupid church signs. I use the word stupid in many different ways and thus have formulated my own simply four level “Stupid-Ranking System”:

These are the signs that are stupid but they are actually kinda clever, funny and even harmless.

These are the signs that are the ones that cause you to violently roll your eyes. They either don’t make sense, they are not funny or are just plain dumb.

These are the worst signs. They are scary. Often because their message is so hostile to the world. I often wonder whether Churches think these signs would actually want anyone to come to their church.

These signs are fairly self-explanatory. If you are going to put a church sign on, please make sure it makes sense theologically.

Here are a few local church sign sighting from yesterday:

“Sign Broken. Come in for Message.”
Ranking: Somewhere between “Stupid-Funny” and “Stupid-Stupid”.

“Need a new life? God has a replacement plan!”
Ranking: Stupid-Stupid.

Considering these signs change at least once a week, I am sure there are more to come soon…