I just got done instant messanging with a couple pastor friends of mine (who will remain nameless!) that are in the midst some trying times in their communities. While they were two completely different situations (one dealing with fellow staff members and one dealing with a spritually dead community), I just get frustrated when I see such junk going on in the body of Christ, no matter what the reason. I just seems that if we are the body of Christ, things should be different. of course, i am not niave enough to think that this kind of stuff will never happen. you put people into a community with eachother and who knows what can happen.

I cannot help but think that God is never pleased when his body is hurting like this. one of the things that i have tried and tried to do is to see things from the other side and try and see the reasons why someone would be thinking what they are thinking (becuase usually, when you see this, things begin to make sense – it does not always make them right, but they at least make sense).