I found this journal I wrote back when Cole was born…It’s been almost exactly five months since i wrote this journal entry. My friends say that time passes so quickly and your kids grow up so fast. Even though Cole is only 5 months old, it seems crazy that he is that old already!

written: July 13, 2003
Well, we now have a little baby boy sleeping in our bedroom. What an awesome, yet freaky, thing it was to watch Cole?s birth. As Gerald said, its unbelievable that we all come into the world that way. God is so interesting in how he made things and how he set things up. Of all the ways that he could have made it so that humans were born into this world, he definitely picked a strange way. I wonder what significance, if any, there is to why God chose to have us grown inside our mothers for 9 months, be born through a painful (yes, it was not supposed to be) and, honestly, gross process?! There is definitely a bond that is formed between mother and baby, and even mother and father. To know that we went through this process together (even though Melanie did most of the work) is a great comfort in our marriage. Also, what a tremendous responsibility we now face. I thought it was tough taking care of 9-10 nine year olds for a week as a camp counselor. That does not even come close to the responsibility that we now face. And, if I got to the point of desperation and trust in God with counseling, think how much more I will have to give up of myself and place my whole trust in God. Hopefully I have learned a lesson then, and I can effectively ask God for grace up front instead of trying to do it myself (or ourselves in this case) first.

What is Cole going to be? I do not know. But, I do know that I so much desire for him to simply be passionate about following Jesus Christ with his whole heart. Whether he ends up as a maintenance man or a preacher or a missionary in the heart of Africa, I simply desire for him to have a passion to follow Christ and live out His teachings in a world that desperately needs those who are living as part of the Kingdom that Jesus established rather than the false kingdom of this world.

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