We hosted our first local concert at the well saturday night. it seemed like an amazing success. we had about 100+ people show up (i would guess there were about 25 poeple from our church – the rest were from the community) and hands down, most of the ones i talked to just raved about our space. they were so excited about telling their friends about our place and inviting them back to see more shows there. we were so pleased with the opportunity to simply be a blessing to our community by giving them a place to come and “be” and have a place to hear a couple good local bands. there were some great relationships there were started, rekindled and continued from this time.

i met one girl who wanted to use our space to do a benefit for a mobile soup kitchen. apparently her and a friend have purchased a bus and are gutting it out, building a kitchen in it and then are going to use it to pass out meals to those who are needy. what an amazing idea! I want to try and get a group of people to help her out and take part in this with her.

anyways, here are a few pics of the show…

Yes, that is a telephone he is singing into. This is Chris Achibald, the lead of Illinois and his phone creates an amazingly cool sound. you’ve gotta come hear this band next week.

this is the band Eastern Conference Champions