Me: The Well how may I help you?

Him: Is pastor Jackson there?

Me: No, he no longer works here.

Him: Can I ask who the Sr. pastor is?

Me: I guess that is me.

Him: I want to introduce to you…bla bla bla bla. something about outreach and growing your church bla bla bla.

Me: We’re probably not interested.

Him: You’re not interested in growing your church?

Me: No, that’s not our number one priority.

Him: (pauses in a tad bit of confusion) uh, really?

Me: Nope.

Him: oh (another pause) ok. bye.

Me: Hangs up, wishing he would have asked me what our number 1 priority was so I could share with him that our number 1 priority is to have a faithful, personal (not marketed) witness in our local community so that we can provide a glimpse of the kingdom of God here in our area.

Does that sound overly pretentious of me? Maybe it was…but its true. And, let’s be honest, there is something very satisfactory about making a telemarketer not know what to say.