The daily prayer on the re-jesus website is a really great practical prayer discipline…i feel i best pray when i write, so i am going to write out some of the questions and prayers from it here…

begining prayer: reflect in the day…

what stands out in your mind about today?
– this was a full day. work at starbucks all day till 2, come home and spend about 2 hours trying to get stuff set up for our support raising party in Chicago over christmas, dinner with two of our neighborhood groups leaders at our house, playing with cole for a while, leadership team meeting at church after dinner, now home to watch the end of Friends with my wife and then off to bed…what stands out? besides a great time with Ryan and Michelle thinking about the future of our neighborhoood groups, i just had the greatest time watching my son laugh all afternoon…

what can i be thankful for?

– my son. his health. my wife. her love to have people over for dinner and be hospitable. a great church.

what can i be sorry for?

– slacking on a few of my responsibilities at SB and getting a little impatient with my boss.

what dreams and hopes can i share with Jesus?

– i have spent countless hours dreaming of what the structure we have been putting together at church will become. i have so many ideas of what this will look like and i just keep wondering what God is going to do. I look forward with so much hope and also so much nervousness at the same time. i wonder where the “snags” will be and what hurdles we will have to jump over. but mostly, am full of hope.

what do i want jesus to help and look after tonight?
– right now, i just want Jesus to keep an amazingly tihgt watch on my son Cole. Its been so awesome to watch him grow, especially as he gains personality and we can play together better and laugh together. i so badly want him to grow up to love Jesus and follow him with his whole heart. i would give anything for that

“Jesus, help me to find the peace you offer. Just as i surrender to sleep, encourage me to surrender and trust you. You are the light in the darkness. Amen.”