This is perhaps the very best definition of evangelism i have ever read, seen or heard…it is from this article by Dallas Willard…

How do you do “evangelism-discipleship?” My short answer: You ravish people with the blessings of the Kingdom. You make them hungry for it. That?s why words are so important?we must be wordsmiths. You use words to ravish people with the beauty of the kingdom. It?s the beauty of the kingdom that Jesus said was causing people to climb over each other just to get in. People become excited like the pearl-purchaser?they will give everything to get in.

The problem however, is that most of us don’t have any idea what makes the “pearl” worth such a great price…it wrote about this previously in this post and i still wonder about these questions:

What makes choosing a life of following Jesus worth selling all we have? What makes someone say, “This is the way i have been living, now that i have found such a valuable thing, i am going to choose to follow Jesus.”

Have we presented (and lived!) a life of the Christ follower in a way that would make someone want joyfully give away their current life for something totally different?