As we open the store every morning at Starbucks my opening partner and I find the newspapers on the front step. We head inside and quickly throw the newspapers onto our little newspaper rack and i often scan the front page headlines to see what madness is took place in the last 24 hours.

This morning was no exception to this “madness” rule. I had not seen the news last night so it was a sad suprise to me that I saw the headline, Upto 12 Marines Die in Raid.” My first thought was, “Man how terrible for America”. And it is. It’s sickening to think that wives are losing husbands, children are losing fathers, etc.

As a I continued to scan the rest of the article i saw that “opposition forces” had mass casualities. It occurred to me that it is so easy for us to feel so much when we lose 12, as we should. But, it is also so easy to over look the deaths of so many of the “opposition” without a second thought. After all, they are the enemy and they deserve it, right?

Now, i know few people would really say that they don’t “feel bad” for their familes and “that’s just part of war.” But, as a follower of Christ who is trying to see the world through His eyes, I pray that when I see death, whether it is “my fellow American” or “the opposition,” my heart will break because of the death of “my fellow man” who is made in the image of God.