A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… I started my MA at Biblical Theological Seminary.  That was nine years, 3.5 kids and four apartments ago.  I’m happy to say that I am finally scheduled to graduate with an MA in Missional Theology from Biblical Theological Seminary.  It’s been a pleasure studying here (yes, I’m writing this in class… whoops) and I’ve really been blessed by John Franke’s teaching over the years.

Now that I am finishing up, I’m thinking about what’s next. I have been looking into the possibilities of pursuing a DMin as I’d like to do some adjunct teaching in the future and, more importantly, I’d love the focused learning that a degree like that brings.  That being said I am in the midst of looking at options and I’ve recently been introduced to a new program at Northern Seminary in IL which is a DMin in Missional Leadership this coming January.  David Fitch who is is a fellow Ecclesia Network friend along with Alan Roxburgh and Craig Van Gelder will also be the key teachers. I’ve grown to really respect the brilliance of David. I’ve also had some great interaction with Alan over the years and I really respect his leadership instincts.  I’ve never actually met Van Gelder (hence, calling him by his last name!) but his books have been excellent and I’d love the opportunity to learn from him.

I think it looks like an excellent program and you can get more info on it here if you are interested yourself.

Anyone have any advice or thoughts on DMin programs?