Cole and MasonI just got done pulling Strawberry Chex out of my son’s hair.  It was awesome.

For the last two months Melanie (my wife) has been working on Thursdays so that means I have been home with the boys.  It’s funny, a number of people have made the predictable “Mr. Mom” comment. I’ll be honest, I hate that comment.  I really do.  Last time I checked, I’m their dad. So, if you want to call me Mr. Dad, thats okay with me.  Because that’s what I am…

Also, when I am home watching my kids, fulfilling my role as a parent…don’t call me the babysitter.  I’m “dad.” Its not like these kids are my wife’s responsibility and I just happen to watch them for her everyonce and a while. That’s a screwed up view of manhood and womanhood.

I. Am. Their. Dad.  I’m not Mr. Mom and I’m not the babysitter.

I’m dad.

Okay, I think you get the point.

Mini-rant is over…