Last night (Friday, Sept 7) three church communities (resonate, the living room and The Well) joined together in partnership with Main Street Baptist Church in Doylestown, PA to put on a community art show.

Our (unofficial) goals for this were (I say unofficial because I am just now writing down what we talked about for the last few months):

  • Get three churches serving together in common mission
  • Meaningfully participate in and be part of the monthly First Friday in Doylestown, PA
  • Create a space where people from each of the three churches can meet and get to know each other
  • Create a space where people from our three churches could be in touch with people from outside our churches
  • Put on a good art show with good art

All things considered, we had an amazing night. It was great to see so many people from The Well end up coming and being part of the event too.

If you want to read a more in depth reaction to the event, check our J.R. Brigg’s blog

Looking forward to doing this kind of thing again.